What is truth?

Truth or Dare

According to Truth or Dare, this is a book about the diffrence of appearances between ‘authenticity’ and ‘realism’ in art and documentary. On page 59, it talks about everyone has different attutudes that may be acceptable in one thing, but may not be acceptable in the other thing. Thus, many producers tend to get the banlance of authenticity and realism in their arts and documentarys.

"Looked at purely on the grounds of aesthetics, it would be legitimate
to wonder why the predominant forms of documentary and artistic practice do not merge into one another since they have so much in common. But they remain discrete areas of activity. What holds them apart? And what makes dialogue so difficult between them? The answer lies in the different ethical frameworks in which creators undertake their work. Although the aesthetics may be the same, the ethics are very different. Practices and attitudes that are acceptable in one arena may not be acceptable in the other. What is ethically right for one may be wrong for the other. If you want to push the contrast as far as possible, two concerns in documentary practice define the difference: truth and social purpose.Documentary practitioners are concerned about the truth of what they portray, regarding documentary is a process of reconstituting truth on the screen. Documentary is guided by beliefs about describing something as faithfully and as truthfully as you can, whether it’s the truth of the situation, a process or a person. Documentary practice is concerned with reconstituting truth; it may not be literally true, but it tries as far as possible to reconstitute truth within a set of known and knowledged procedures. A documentary film-maker can falsify the duration of an event or even the order in which things happen, but they will do so in the pursuit of what they consider to be a more essential or more important truth.”